Made to measure shirts

Our made to measure shirts are authentic handcrafted masterpieces, in respect of the best Neapolitan tailor tradition. In every shirt it is possible to understand the passion for our old job, handed down for generations: the attention for the details and the accuracy for the finishing make every shirt a single masterpiece, created by experienced hands capable to make a "real" sartorial shirts well refined with the 8 handmade embroideries and with the stitching made of 8 points per centimetre. But all this does not satisfy us. In the quest for the perfection, and by respecting tradition, the monograms are exclusively hand stitched and the buttons are nly of mother of pearl, because it is the accuracy of the details which makes the difference. Our company always pays a great attention to every finishing and to every little detail to obtain a product that fully respects the rules of the best Neapolitan tailoring tradition.
Our mission has always been the pursuit of the perfection: from the shirts fit which permits the maximum comfort and pleasure of wearing it, to the possibility of the widest customisation, in order to obtain a unique sartorial shirt, a product capable to satisfy every customer desire.

Shirt fabrics

To obtain an outstanding sartorial shirt it is essential to use exclusively best quality fabrics.
Thanks to the almost centuries-old experience in the textile sector, we select for our shirts the Italian fabrics produced by the best companies on the market (Thomas Mason, Albini, TESTA, SICTESS, Grandi e Rubunelli, Ferno) obtaining in this way a shirt completely "Made in Italy": every cotton fibre is worked by experienced hands that have reached their skills from age to age.

We invite you to visit our huge collection of samples of shirt fabrics: a wide range of high quality fabrics, frequently updated and divided by seasons: summer fabrics and winter fabrics.